Setup safety lines so we can pull appliances when cleaning a commercial kitchen

Good morning! Here

Good morning! Here's a quick summary of my findings and plan for fixes. I will send another email communicating some other items as well: 1. There were already hooks and safety lines for both fryers, the double oven and stove next to the double oven. I brought new hooks with me to connect them, and they are now connected. This will prevent any future mishaps with gas lines when pulling equipment out. I have reviewed this with the team as well and they understand that these lines must always be connected. I have instructed them to never disconnect gas lines. You verbally explain to me how to remove those gas lines but I couldn't figure it out. Besides, I really don't want anybody messing with them anyhow. That's probably best for all of us.

Author: Jenny Gibson
North Easton, MA
Green Cleaning
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