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The Trusted Choice for Medical Offices, Manufacturing Facilities, Bars, Restaurants, Government Buildings and Schools throughout Wichita's metro Area

Commercial Janitorial provides expert office cleaning whether you are a small business in the Wichita area, a large national corporation with branches in Wichita or a Wichita government agency, Wichita Commercial Janitorial provides your facility with expert cleaning services at reasonable pricing. Our commercial cleaning services include scheduled office cleaning, building maintenance, floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, exterior cleaning. Additionally for the 596,452 people in the Wichita, KS, we also provide one-time cleaning services in nearby areas like Tulsa and Oklahoma City under both normal and emergency circumstances for locations such as construction sites and post disaster cleanup in places like Kansas City .




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The Wichita, KS market is unique for Commercial Janitorial in that we clean a variety of geographic areas, facility types, and customer industries. Our specialized cleaning teams are trained to properly maintain and preserve all restaurants and medical facilities.

Let me tell you about a recent cleaning we just did in Wichita area. In November we cleaned Mooyah located at 352 Southwest Street. Here Anthony asked us to clean 5 times per week all kitchen area top to bottom. We were able to meet their cleaning and janitorial needs by deep clean 1x month total of 2000sqft

Although we certainly do clean our fair share of office buildings, our Wichita cleaning specializes in:

Industrial Properties
ATI Incorporated
Presbyterian Church
Property Managements
Wall Bridge
Large to Small Businesses
Restaurants & Bars

If you don’t see your facility listed here, we encourage you to please give us a call because in addition to specializing in specific cleaning services, we also specialize in specific locales. This means that as long as you are near one of the facilities that we already clean, we can provide you with discounted pricing on your janitorial service through economies of scale. Some of the areas that we specialize in cleaning are:

Interstate 400
Interstate 81
Interstate 77
Interstate 35
El Dorado
Interstate 15

We take pride in being a local Wichita office and industrial cleaning business and want to keep our cafés and nightclub properties looking their best. It is known far and wide that Wichita has many of beautiful attractions such as Old Cow-town Museum, Joyland amusement Park, Stadium and of course Orpheum Theatre.

Many theatres and amusement parks are a mixture of old and new materials; these buildings require specific cleaning and care to properly clean.  We will do everything we can to clean and protect our local Wichita landmarks. All the beauty spas and educational centers we commercially clean in Central Ave. and Rock Rd. have unique needs for carpet extraction and hood& exhaust cleaning service, and we deliver the best commercial office cleaning service.

But don’t just take our word for service. Here are a few recent customers that we serviced:

Superior Floor Care
5525 Noland Rd. Shawnee, KS 66216
Approx. 180,000 sq. ft. Scrub and lay 2 coats of wax on all VCT Auto scrub just the concrete Detail restrooms Bakery stainless steel up high in fixtures Scissor lift - VCT - 25,000 sq.ft. Super April 8th

2035 North Rock Rd Wichita, KS 67206
Ceiling tiles, carpet cleaning, power washing, window cleaning not sure of sqft

8750 Kitty Drive Fort Riley, KS 67206
4,000 VCT that need 3 coats wax No furniture 15 windows on 2nd floor that can be reached with poles Dust horizontal and vertical surfaces Clean ceilings, exterior duct works, and hanging lights You will need a 32 ft scissor lift to clean ceiling on 1st floor You will need to auto scrub first floor concrete which approx.. 15,000 sq ft BUILDING 2: - 11,000 sq ft Empty warehouse building just dust mop and wet mop wipe down 17 roll up garage doors all work can be reached with ladder wipe down surfaces Empty building

About Wichita Office Cleaning:

One of the best places to do business is the Lowlands Region of the great plains near Wichita. Many business owners here rely on the best commercial janitorial company in Kansas to clean and maintain their buildings. Wichita is considered one of the most affordable cities in which to live and work, due to a strong regional economy.

One of the easiest ways to boost the bottom line of your business is to let specialists take care of the cleaning. We have perfected our processes, and use the best quality cleaning tools available, to make our janitorial services efficient and cost effective. We offer a variety of services including regularly scheduled cleanings, one time cleaning or window cleaning, as well as overall facilities maintenance. Our green cleaning services are popular in The Air Capital of the World, especially during the hot humid summer months. Green cleaning uses only environmentally friendly cleaning agents that leave no fumes or residue behind.

We cover all of Sedgwick County including Kechi, Bell Aire, East borough, Riverside, Andover, Derby, Haysville, Goddard, and Maize. We service all of the downtown area, east of the Arkansas River, as well as Old Town, and the College Hill and other historic areas. Call us for a quote today.

Wichita Area Office Cleaners

Commercial Janitorial is Wichita's first choice for commercial office cleaning needs. You and your employeeswork hard, let us help keep your office workplace office clean and tidy, so that you can concentrate on your core business.We have a knowledgeable trained staff of office cleaners in Wichita and janitors, quality supervision, Green chemicals and techniques, the right cleaning equipment, security procedures, programs, and equipment to handle the very specific office cleaning needs of any office building in Wichita.

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Wichita's Building Maintenance and Facility Services

Commercial Janitorial does more than just office cleaning, we are a full spectrum cleaning provider that provides building maintenance services such as routine interior cleaning contracts, exterior landscaping cleanup, restroom cleaning, emergency cleaning, post event cleanup and much more.So next time you are looking for a company that not only specializes in office cleaning, think Commercial Janitorial to find a local Building maintenance Service.





Wichita's Specialized Facilities Cleaners

Commercial Janitorial can help cleanup more than just office buildings and retail businesses, we also provide specialized cleaning services to unique buildings that require specialized cleaning requirements such as doctor offices, medical offices, dental offices, hospitals, health-care clinics, bars and restaurants, clean buildings, data centers,green buildings, correctional facilities and much more.




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Construction Site Cleaning Service throughout Wichita

Commercial Janitorial has the cleaning staff available for construction site cleaning services. No matter if the cleanup is an ongoing maintenance contract or a onetime cleanup, we can provide site cleanup. Commercial Janitorial can provide both exterior andinterior building cleaning, construction office cleaning, trash pickup and hauling.





Why Choose Commercial Janitorial for Wichita Office Cleaning Service?

We know that you have many choices for office cleaning services in the Wichita metro region. Seems today, that anyone with a rag and bucket can call themselves an office cleaning company. However, there is much more to thorough office cleaning than meets the eye. When our office cleaning crews arrive at your business, you can expect that each crew comes trained in the most efficient techniques available and come equipped with the proper materials and equipment to cleanup any type of office building.



Because office cleaning normally takes place after business hours, you are left with evaluating the results at the begining of the Wichita area work day. This means that many office cleaning companies will tidy the office, take out trash and superficially cleanup surfaces. However this type of office cleaning, while it looks good on the surface, will often leave areas unclean that are not normally inspected. Many office cleaning companies based in the Wichita area will use cleaning chemicals which give the impression that things are clean by using masking smells that give the impression things are cleaner than they are.


Commercial Janitorial is different, we clean Wichita area offices using green cleaning techniques that first and foremost are focused on healthy offices. This means we use supplies such as microfiber cloths, green cleaning chemicals and materials that not only clean surfaces but clean the office environment. So if you need office cleaning done the right way, contact Commercial Janitorial for all your Wichita region commercial office cleaning needs.


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