About Commercial Janitorial - Tampa Bay Region

About Commercial Janitorial

Commercial Janitorial is a nationwide janitorial services company that has been providing our customers with the highest quality cleaning services for over a decade. In that time we have grown from a small local office cleaning service in the Tampa Bay area, to a full service janitorial, building maintenance and facility management firm that services a variety of customers from coast to coast.

Firstly, it is important to explain why Commercial Janitorial is different from other Tampa Bay Area office cleaning and building maintenance companies in the Tampa Bay area , your business matters to us and we will to devote every resource we have to make sure that you are satisfied. Tampa Bay's Commercial Janitorial provider is just that, a Tampa Bay operation which means you have a local person to talk to, to send your complaints and your praise, not just a sales person that will disappear after getting your business.

And although we are large enough to service the biggest customers, the livelihood of our entire organization is tied to providing every business in the Tampa Bay metro with best-of-class cleaning services. In short, we know you have a lot to worry about at your facility and we never want you to worry about the cleaning—this is our EXPERTISE!! We are willing to do whatever it takes to build a long term partnership that provides the highest quality services with a positive attitude, at a fair cost; Period.

Commercial Janitorial is confident that we are uniquely suited to provide your company with the highest quality janitorial services. Specifically:

Local to the Tampa Bay Market

Commercial Janitorial in the Tampa Bay area means local support, local people and local service.


Green Cleaning includes principles of conservation and using Green Seal Certified chemicals, HEPA vacuums and micro-fiber cloths. A typical Tampa Bay market commercial janitorial company will clean for the appearance of the building. We, however follow the principles of Green Cleaning. With the goal to improve the environmental quality in your building. We clean for your health rather than appearance alone. We don’t just talk Green.


Employees receive E-Verify, drug, national and Tampa Bay area background, and personality assessment before servicing any account.


Simply, we clean so many offices around the Tampa Bay area that we can keep your costs down through economies of scale


The personality assessment is extremely important for us as it allows us to find people that truly care about doing a good job. You can train people to clean, but you can’t train people to care.


We can avoid cross contamination between areas by using color coded cleaning cloths to distinguish bathroom areas versus offices areas (so you don’t have a bathroom toliet cloth wiped on your desk).

A number of recent studies have found that the surfaces that workers touch most often such as keyboards, telephones, and mice have four- hundred times as many germs as bathroom surfaces such as the toilet seats. Yuck! Many cleaning companies teach employees not to touch the desk surface. With Green Cleaning philosophy it requires that we sanitize your computer mouse, desk surface, phone, keyboard, wires, etc.

It takes a bit longer to clean in this manner, but it is the only way to create a healthy working environment.

Employment Opportunities

If you are a talented, hardworking, and reliable cleaning professional and want to work for a fast growing company that rewards your efforts. Please submit your resume through this form.

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