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Sometimes Sacramento area clients only require a one-time cleaning for a variety factors. Perhaps they have staff that perform routine cleaning and they need periodic deep cleaning using techniques and cleaning equipment that are not always available. In those case one-time cleaning may be appropriate. We can accommodate all types of properties throughout the Sacramento area including residential and commercial that need one-time cleaning service. Each one-time cleaning appointment involves and overview between staff based in the metro Sacramento and the client to determine what needs to be cleaned, how to clean and what cleaning equipment will be required. We also discuss what results the one time cleaning service will produce. Perhaps your one-time cleanup just needs a brief appointment to clean items that have not been cleaned in a while. Sometimes the one-time cleaning needs to result in the property looking brand new after cleaning.

Sacramento windows need cleaning. If you have dirty windows, they reflect on your Sacramento based business and those dirty windows need cleaning. So if you are looking for a building maintenance that does clean windows, look no further than Commercial Janitorial for all of your Sacramento window cleaning needs. From Sacramento sunrooms, to showrooms, and skylights to storefronts, we do it all. We can also clean your gutters, mirrors, ceiling fans, in addition to window and glass cleaning.

So yes, we do clean Sacramento windows! Window cleaning is not just something that is an afterthought cleaning your windows can be part of your Sacramento building maintenance plan for sparkling clean windows! We’re a window cleaning company of friendly professional Sacramento based window cleaners, who will service your commercial business' windows or residential glass promptly, and at reasonable rates compared to other Sacramento companies.

We are the affordable window cleaners you can count on for experienced window and glass cleaning. When we say affordable window cleaning, we don't mean cheap window cleaning or cut-rate window cleaning, we mean window cleaning done right and glass cleaning done efficiently using the latest glass and window cleaning products and window cleaning techniques.

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