Industrial Cleaning Services in the Rochester Metro Area

Rochester Factory and Industrial Cleaning

Rochester Powerplants, Water Treatment Plants, Factories, and Assembly Plant Cleaning

Commercial Janitorial, the industrial cleaning professionals in the Rochester area, has the industrial cleaning staff, supervision, chemicals, programs, and equipment to handle the very specific cleaning needs for industrial facilities. We have industrial cleaning programs specifically designed for warehouses facilities, power plants, ship centers, industry clean production areas, industrial assembly rooms, and industrial shops in the Rochester region.

Industrial Cleaning Procedures in Rochester Metro Region

In order to not interfere with your Rochester area factory, production plant, or industrial assembly processes, our industrial cleaning staff is trained to operate in your facility according to your procedures. Factory cleaning must address security procedures as well as factory safety protocol during any cleaning operation. Assembly areas must be cleaned without distributing small parts that may be on the assembly line in the factory. Industrial chemicals and industrial equipment must be identified to staff so that damage does not occur during the scheduled cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning Materials in Metro Rochester

Rochester metro based industrial facilities often contain indsutry specific hazardous materials and chemicals. During the cleaning of your Rochester area factory, warehouse or assembly plant, our crews are trained to avoid hazards and to use techniques and cleaning chemicals that do not interfere with your industrial processes. Additional our industrial cleaning crews are trained to meet your specific industry health and safety procedures. MSDS sheets must be provided for all chemicals used in the industry cleaning. In industrial cleaning, de-greasing chemicals and routines are especially important in warehouses, shop offices, and restrooms.

Factory Areas in the Rochester Area

In addition to factory warehouse cleaning, assembly area cleaning and manufacturing space, we consider the totality of the industrial facility in our cleaning plan. Restroom cleaning programs need to address cleanliness and odor control. Industrial offices need to be cleaned to avoid contamination. Factory break rooms need to be cleaned. Rochester area exterior factory or warehouse areas need to be cleaned as well.

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Comercial Janitorial has perfected programs to address the cleaning needs of Class 10 clean rooms to the filthiest warehouse restrooms in the Rochester region. The principles are always the same - start with safety and train the janitorial staff to clean using the proper techniques, chemicals and equipment. Our janitorial staff is tested and must pass the following areas before working in a clean room or industrial facility:

  • Safety
  • Relevant 6S principles
  • Theory
  • Gowning Cleaning

Typical Industrial Equipment Cleaned in the Rochester Metropolitan Area

  • Grates
  • Industrial Stacks
  • Industrial Fans
  • Industrial Duct-work
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Conveyors and Chains
  • Marine
  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Boiler Washing
  • Pits and Tanks
  • Parking Decks
  • Condensers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Equipment and Building
  • Power Plant
  • Steel Plants
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