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New Retail Construction Project Building Cleanup
Retail Cleaning Services
Cleaning a drain using green cleaning products
Large Warehouses Are Cleaned Quickly With a Riding Burnisher
Cleaning Inspection
Office Kitchen Cleaning
Office Bathroom
Large office buildings require large carpet cleaners
Travertine floor polish
Polishing Compound Travertine
Before picture shipping floors
After scrubbing and waxing floors
Before picture strip and wax
After strip and wax of VCT
Before picture with high gloss finish
After picture of a Marble Counter Polished
Marble, Polish, Seal, Natural Stone
After Picture of Stained Concrete Floor Waxed
Before Picture of Stained Concrete Floor
Office Cleaning Education and Training
Office Cleaning Van
Restroom Cleaning
Before Picture of Marble Concrete Floor
Before Picture of Marble Concrete Floor
After Picture of Marble Concrete Floor
Good Cleaning vs. Great Cleaning
Phoenix Green Cleaning
Dirty Convention Over
After Picture of Convention Oven Cleaned
auto scrub floors construction cleaning
oven before 2
oven cleaning before 3
after picture of an oven cleaning
oven door before we clean
oven door after
kitchen floor before
floor after cleaning
quarry tile before
quarry tile floor cleaning after
grill before
grill after cleaning
Vinyl scrub and re-coat
after scrub and re-coat
Scrub and wax in puerto rico
picture taken before carpet was clean
picture taken after carpet was cleaned
before striping and waxing
Restroom Cleaning and Commercial Janitorial Services - After
Cleaning commercial wood flooring
Wood floor care at a retail store
Natural Stone Cleaning
Black Mold Removal - Before
Black Mold Removal - After
Restroom cleaning janitorial urinal cleaning - Before
Heavily used restroom in a commercial building, after cleaning inspection
New Cleaning Crew Vehicles
Spotless Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Oven
Kitchen oven rack cleaning 3
Tile Floor Care and Cleaning
Sparkling Tile and Grout
Spotless Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Oven Cleaning
Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Floor Cleaning
Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Floor Cleaning Services
Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning
Superior Floor Care
Floor Polishing
Bathroom Cleaning
Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning 2
Bio-Hazard Cleaning
Bio-Hazard Cleaning 2
VCT Waxed Floorcare
Daily Wood Floor Cleaning at a Microsoft Store
Retail Store Floor Cleaning Services
Bathroom Tile Floor Cleaning
Floor care at the Coach Store
Retail Store Cleaning Services
Micro-Fiber Dustrag
Kitchen oven rack cleaning
Kitchen oven rack cleaning 2
Drain Cleaning in a Bathroom
Drain Cleaning in a Bathroom2
Stair Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Floor Care
First Impressions Matter
carpet cleaning maintenance
crew cleaning sink
Cleaning trash bin
Restaurant & Bar Cleaning
Test Test
After removing gloss
Proper training and safety precautions
Scrubbing and Waxing
Waxed VCT Floor
restaurant, cleaning, nightly, equipment
after cleaning fryer commercial kitchen
Office cleaning administrative staff
Before Picture Grouted Tile Dirty
after picture cleaning grouted tile
After picture for waxing wood floors
process of carpet extraction
Commercial kitchen cleaning
commercial oven cleaning
Power washing commercial kitchen
kitchen appliance cleaning
During picture marble polish
Ceramic tile cleaning auto-scrubbing
Before Picture of School Kitchen
An After Picture of a School Kitchen Floor
LEED Gold, Green Cleaning
Before Picture of Dirty Carpet
After Picture of Cleaned Carpet
It's a BOY! Maggie & Ryan Stark's new family member!
Machine Scrub
After Scrub
Strip and Wax
After Strip & Wax
Cleaned and Sealed Tile
After Picture of Cleaned and Sealed Tile
Cleaning Drains Using Green Cleaning
Team Cleaning
Window Cleaning Techniques
Emergency Cleaning Services
Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
Oven Before
oven after
After striping and waxing
Before restoration
After restoration
Before stripping the floor
After stripped and wax
kitchen cleaning
commercial kitchen cleaning
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning - Before
Industrial Kitchen Cleaning - Before
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning - After
Industrial Kitchen Cleaning - After
Janitorial Services for Restroom Cleaning - Before
Wood floor care
Clean commercial floor care
Flagstone Cleaning.
Natural Stone Care Wax
Marble Stone Floor Care
Marble Stone Floor Care After
Bar and Nightclub Cleaning
Stripping and Waxing a Wood Floor
Floor in need of a stripping and waxing
New Uniforms for Cleaning Personel
Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning and Service
Medical Office Cleaning and Maintenance
Professional Office Cleaning
Comprehensive Industrial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance
Warehouse and Industrial Cleaning
Pizza Today Cleaning Article
Restaurant Cleaning
Floor Cleaning
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Facility Services
Complete Restaurant Cleaning
Gym Facility Services
Restaurant Cleaning and Floor Care
paper towel after insertion in restroom
Detailed Office Cleaning
Floor Care and Event Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning and Floor Care
Office Cleaning for Aesthetics
Fall Facility Services
Entertainment Cleaning
Bar and Restaurant Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Government Facility Cleaning
Event Cleaning
Office Cleaning Experts
Thorough Restaurant Cleaning
Floor Care Professionals
Window Cleaning and Glass Cleaning
Restaurant Cleaning Details
Superior Office Cleaning
Building Maintenance
Restaurant Cleaning Inside and Outside
Restaurant Cleaning
Cobweb Removal Services
Tiles cleaning
sink cleaning
cleaning oven
restaurant Cleaning
cleaning classroom in pre-school
cleaning restroom
clinic medical cleaning
Commercial Mirror Cleaning
Health club cleaning
paper towel in restroom
Doctor's waiting room cleaning service
Cleaning service in team work
Glass Window Cleaning in professional office
Vacuum wood floor in dental clinic
Healthcare Cleaning
Reception room Cleaning
Administrative office cleaning
Exterior window cleaning
Paper towel Dispensers in Restroom
Cleaning products in service
Cleaning and Maintaining Car Tire
Cleaning in the Workroom
Floor Cleaning in Dental Clininc
Crew Cleans the Electric Switches
Vacuum furniture in home
window Clean entry window
Remove dust in the Ceiling
cleaning in the Workstation
Bathroom Sink Cleaning
cleaning the roof in Pre-School
Window Cleaning in the Restaurant
Tile cleaning
Dust Cleaning
Office home Cleaning Service
Air Hole Cleaning
Cleaning the furniture
Blind and Curtain Cleaning
Hand wash and bathroom cleaning
Office Carpet Cleaning
Office Reception cleaning
Concrete floor before cleaning
Concrete floor after cleaning
door cleaning
Emergency Restaurant Cleaning
Thorough Commercial Office Cleaning
Restaurant Cleaning Done Right
Deep Restaurant Cleaning
Complete Floor Care
Floor Care Experts
Exterior Cleaning
Bathroom Facility Services
Detailed Building Maintenance
Kitchen and Restaurant Cleaning
Retail Store Cleaning Done Right
Manufacturing and Industrial Cleaning the Right Way
Better Floor Care Experience
Air Duct Cleaning
keyboard cleaning
hardwood floor service
classroom cleaning
Restroom Cleaning
Drapes and curtain cleaning service
Office cleaning services
Office Pantry Sink Cleaning
Staircase Cleaning
Fitness Centre Cleaning
carpet cleaning
conference room cleaning
commercial office cleaning
cleaning trash
Pre-School Carpet cleaning
Restaurant and Bar cleaning
Cafeteria cleaning
Vacuum stairs
Preschool urinal cleaning
Cleaning the workplace
Meeting hall cleaning
Hardwood floor service
Trash can
Cobweb brush
Studio cleaning
clean and healthy workplace
Residential kitchen after cleaning
Tile and floor care
Gym Equipment maintaining
meeting room cleaning
Cleaning glass window_1
Carpet Cleaning in the Workstation
Arranging the tray for the party
Cleaning the manager room
Cleaning the window in Restaurant
Floor Care in House
Work Space Cleaning
Occasion Cleaning
Cleaning the stairways in office
Entry window before cleaning
Entry window after cleaning
Dust in the Carpet
Cleaning the clinic
worktable cleaning
Carpet Cleaning in Hotel
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Marble Restoration
roof cleaning in the restroom
Cleaning the sink
Cleaning the waiting hall
Cleaning the interior door
Cleaning the sink in Hospital
Control Equipment Cleaning
Cleaning Materials
Lounge and Meeting Hall Cleaning
Cleaning the Glass window1
Carpet stain removal
stain in the carpet.
Building roof cleaning
carpet before cleaning
Glass mirror cleaning
Cleaning in Medical office
Reception Hall Cleaning
Dirty board cleaning
Floor Cleaning in office
workplace cleaning
Health club1 cleaning
Carpet after cleaning
Construction before cleaning
Workplace cleaning in office
Workplace Cleaning Services
Slow Ride Fast Service
Waste management
Test Image
Smart car 2 - oil change
Office vans
Office vans 1234
Lucky strike inspection
Lucky strike inspection - Vents
Lucky strike inspection Vents
odor prvention
Using notes for inspection
Valentine & Bond account
Delivered 2 red mop heads to cleaner gabby Rodriguez
Delivering Bagels
Intution 1900 w germant rd Chandler, az 85286
Portico work order report
Thirsty Lion Work Order done
Curtis Wright Controls work order #27729-1
Whole foods chandler
Cable 1 work order/inspection report
Whole foods chandler after scrub
Pic Whole foods chandler after scrub
Whole foods chandler Close Up
Cable-1 work order/inspection report
Yellow dust traps
Toliet Cleaning Service
Urinal Cleaning
Urinal Cleaning 2
Urinal Cleaning 3
Extractor floor crews
Cleaning Bugs From Lights
Urinal Cleaning 20
Wall cleaning
Entrance mats
Davis enterprises /central ave 95
Physicians physical 80
Davis enterprises / 7th ave /Indian school 95
Davis enterprises / 7th ave /Indian school 60
Parking lot cleaning
Davis enterprises /central ave 33
Davis enterprises /central ave 43
Davis enterprises /central ave 38
Davis enterprises /central ave 84
Davis enterprises /central ave 82
Masteros windows 87
Masteros windows 6
Masteros windows 88
Masteros windows 77
Lucky strike 19
Lucky strike 53
Re redflex trash can / brute can 83
Whole foods chandler 99
Whole foods chandler 100
Hollys house 71
Hollys house 54
Hollys house 2
Hollys house 42
Solar city keys 74
WO # 27769-1 completed 57
Delivered chemicals to gabby for asu gallery 2
Bank 1440 71
Bank 1440 53
Fwd: Whole foods chandler 58
Fwd: Whole foods chandler 71
Fwd: Whole foods chandler 39
Fwd: Orsett GPO 335 89
Fwd: Orsett GPO 335 26
Arizona eye specialist "pictures" 47
Arizona eye specialist "pictures" 28
Arizona eye specialist "pictures" 92
Arizona eye specialist "pictures" 98
Sapporo Rust Spots 27
Sapporo Rust Spots 99
Sapporo Rust Spots 11
Sapporo Rust Spots 39
Sapporo Rust Spots 42
Sapporo Rust Spots 21
Sapporo Rust Spots 91
Clear Call Solution pick up request 13
Whole foods chandlersdfvsdFdsf
Whole foods chandlerff
Mod 78
Delivered white pads for burnisher @ WF - Phx 56
Physicians Physical Therapy Goodyear 44
Terros 27ave 85
Maya Day&Night club 29
Terros 27ave 96
Maya Day&Night club 3
Maya Day&Night club 59
Mastros 62
Optima 86
Bank 1440 36
Solar city 7
Mesquite Grill 100
Mastros 70
Tommy Bahamas 59
Solar city 90
Solar city 11
Solar city 60
Solar city 80
WO # 28451-1 completed Chloe's 5
Optima 71
Re: Red Wine Stain 58
Tesla 5
Tonopah 31
Tesla 82
Tesla 71
Water front 42
Water front 80
Ianet 97
Optima elevators 88
Optima elevators 95
Apex 6
Apex 47
Apex 63
Mike Levine 27
Mike Levine 83
Mike Levine 59
Tonopah 70
Tonopah 11
Orsett GPO 335 report 100
Optima 68
Optima 2
Fwd: Chloe's Corner 58
Cable 1 inspection report 29
Fwd: MSF shop epoxy floors deep clean 5
Fwd: MSF shop epoxy floors deep clean 30
Fwd: MSF shop epoxy floors deep clean 39
Fwd: MSF shop epoxy floors deep clean 31
Gold Metal Swim School report 98
Velda rose 41
Microsoft 17
Microsoft 65
Microsoft 42
Microsoft 33
AFCU bell rd 21
WO # 28451-1 completed Chloe's 70
2225 Whispering wind 92
2225 Whispering wind 54
Bombardier things tonight 78
Davis enterprises/ 7!ave 71
Davis enterprises/ 7!ave 42
Davis enterprises/ 7!ave 80
Davis Dobson / baseline 54
Davis enterprises/ 7!ave 29
Choices 44 st 31
Davis enterprises 2
Davis enterprises 5
Davis enterprises 80
Davis enterprises 88
Davis enterprises 53
Mike Levine 60
Gold Metal Swim School report 65
Choices 44 st 27
Mark Levine inspection 83
Clear Call Solution routine inspection 59
Fwd: Tesla auto scrubber need to check it please. 92
Delivery key to cleaner for Nexus account 99
WO # 28253-1 completed & inspection 54
WO # 28253-1 completed & inspection 100
WO # 28253-1 completed & inspection 2
2225 whispering wind 11
2225 whispering wind 80
2225 whispering wind 30
2225 whispering wind 31
Orsett baseline 98
Orsett baseline 28
Orsett baseline 17
Imperial Contracting WO #28174-1 42
Imperial Contracting WO #28174-1 64
Bombardier 9
Bombardier 91
Davis 7ave /Indian school 64
Davis 7ave /Indian school 43
Davis 7ave /Indian school 92
Davis 7ave /Indian school 3
Carrington. Waterfront suit 230 92
Optima 68 51
Davis enterprises / central 47
Terros vista 27
4545fenway 25
Bombardier things tonight 7
Choices 44 st 37
Choices 44 st 26
Davis enterprises 7ave /Indian school 94
Davis enterprises 7ave /Indian school 55
Mike lavine 11
Mike lavine 46
Mike lavine 34
Mike lavine 1
Box truck brakes 83
Box truck brakes 20
OptimA 68 46
FW: Talley Communication 15
FW: Talley Communication 54
Davis Dobson / baseline 76
FW: Talley Communication 47
Whisperwind 21
Whisperwind 10
Tesla camel back 10
Tesla camel back 76
Tesla camel back 26
Toyota " pictures" 4
Toyota " pictures" 80
Toyota " pictures" 49
WO # 28169-1 completed 49
PC Solution 87
PC Solution 76
Republic Services 34
Toyota 42
Toyota 29
Goodnight Pediatric 77
Davis / 7 ave 71
Davis / 7 ave 87
Davis / 7 ave 97
Davis / 7 ave 95
Davis / 7 ave 53
Bank 1040 6
Bank 1040 47
Bank 1040 63
Optima 83
Bank 1440 59
Bank 1440 92
Bank 1440 70
Bank 1440 100
Re: Bombardier things tonight 58
Cable one 29
Cable one 30
Cable one 98
Davis enterprises / Dobson baseline 58
Davis enterprises / Dobson baseline 78
Davis enterprises / Dobson baseline 77
4645 Fenway 80
Davis enterprises 6
Davis enterprises 37
Davis enterprises 47
Davis enterprises 65
Davis enterprises 59
Davis enterprises 25
Davis enterprises 100
Davis enterprises 11
Gold Metal Swim School report 80
Good night Ped baseline 5
Good night Ped baseline 39
Good night Ped baseline 95
Good night Ped baseline 41
Pls advise customer @ Terros - McDowell 28
Tesla service center 65
Tesla service center 72
Pls advise customer if this is trash @ Obgyn - Phx 19
WO # 27847-1 completed 9
WO # 27847-1 completed 91
Kids inc 63
Kids inc 10
WO # 27853-1 completed 84
WO # 27740-1 completed 51
WO # 27740-1 completed 47
WO # 27740-1 completed 41
Redfeild / Raintree 98
Redfeild / Raintree 40
Redfeild / Raintree 26
2225 Whispering wind 16
2225 Whispering wind 66
Mike Levine 46
Gilbert Tile 2
Gilbert Tile 8
OptimA 1
OptimA 66
OptimA 83 9
OptimA 68 46 36
Davis enterprises central 9
Davis enterprises central 41
Davis enterprises central 50
Davis enterprises central 10
Davis enterprises central 93
Davis enterprises central 45
Davis enterprises central 76
Pinnacle peak 71
Pinnacle peak 23
Pinnacle peak 6
Orsett GPO 335 question 76
Choices 7ave 33
Choices 7ave 81
Optima "J" key left on Yeniffer's desk 91
Good night pediatrics 96
Good night pediatrics 70
Good night pediatrics 2
Good night pediatrics 41
Redflex 65
Re soap 2225 whisperingwind 50
Re 4545 Fenway 90
Re 4545 Fenway 78
Re 4545 Fenway 45
Re 4545 Fenway 88
Re 4545 Fenway 38
Good night peds Avondale 87
Good night peds Avondale 94
Good night peds Avondale 26
Good night peds Avondale 34
Good night peds Avondale 26dfsd
Pueblo Nuevo 35
Pueblo Nuevo 28
Ianet "pictures" 42
Ianet "pictures" 34
My Student resource report 60
Pls advise customer @ solar city - Roeser 87
Davis enterprises 7ave/Indian school 44
Davis enterprises 7ave/Indian school 25
Davis enterprises 7ave/Indian school 53
Davis enterprises 7ave/Indian school 21
Micro soft 90
Micro soft 66
Fwd: Chloe's Corner 91
Davis central 45
Fwd: Spots at Phx OBGYN 84
FW: Disinfection room Chandler 16
WO # 27798-1 completed 70
Whisper wind 2225 90
Whisper wind 2225 11
Cable 1 inspection report 73
Mike Levine 83 79
Mike Levine 46sdfds
Banner orsett Germann 81
Banner orsett Germann 21
Banner orsett Germann 35
Banner orsett Germann 43
Fwd: Bank 1440 Routine inspection 85
Pueblo Nuevo 100
Fwd: Banner orsett Germann 30
Fwd: Bank 1440 Routine inspection 31
Fwd: Bank 1440 Routine inspection 66
Fwd: Pls advise customer @ solar city - 38th st 59
Thirsty lion 46
Thirsty lion 29
Thirsty lion 90
Thirsty lion 2
Thirsty lion 77
Thirsty lion 27
Thirsty lion 80
Thirsty lion 10
Davis enterprises central 29
AFCU desert ridge 42
AFCU desert ridge 38
Delivered 2 Cs of 40x48 trash bags to mark Levine 88
Roberto supplies 77
Terros stapley 30
Terros stapley 27
Optima 83 83
Optima 99
Terros together 70
Terros together 54
Terros together 68
Terros together 11
Terros together 29
Terros together 39
Terros together 98
OptimA 17
Tommy bahama 42
Tommy bahama 33
Tommy bahama 19
Tommy bahama 46
OptimA 27
Tommy bahama 64
Tommy bahama 10
WO # 28253-1 completed & inspection 92
WO # 28253-1 completed & inspection 55
Davis enterprises 68
Davis enterprises 40
Davis enterprises 63
Fwd: United Realty Country Club 1940 66
Fwd: United Realty Country Club 1940 8
Fwd: Orsett GPO 335 question 54
Arizona bank and trust 68
Arizona bank and trust 71
Arizona bank and trust 54
Arizona bank and trust 76
Arizona bank and trust 10
Mike Levine 21
Mike Levine 12
Mike Levine 55
Mike Levine 68
Davis central 50
Montana del sol 16
Montana del sol 23
Re: Chloe's 88
Pls advise customer @ lighting movers 9
Re: Chloe's 81
Re: Chloe's 74
Re: Chloe's 44
Re: Chloe's 65
Re: Chloe's 11
Re: Chloe's 44dsfds
Re: Chloe's 55
Re: Chloe's 22
Fwd: Optima 51
Fwd: Optima 52
Paradise valley 66
Paradise valley 71
Masteros 52
Masteros 33
Masteros 68
Masteros 42
Masteros 17
Masteros 85
Masteros 24
Bombardier things tonight 38
Mark Levine inspection 52
Optima 28
Optima 41
Optima 75
Optima 8
Thirsty lion 34
Thirsty lion 32
Thirsty lion 96
Thirsty lion 94
Thirsty lion deep fryer report 99
WO # 26932-1 completed 25
WO # 26932-1 completed 44
WO # 26932-1 completed 8
WO # 26932-1 completed 31
WO # 26932-1 completed 77
WO # 26932-1 completed 5
WO # 26932-1 completed 38
WO # 26932-1 completed 6
WO # 26932-1 completed 53
WO # 26932-1 completed 47
WO # 26932-1 completed 27
WO # 26932-1 completed 83
WO # 26932-1 completed 92
Felco business 11
Felco business 5
Felco business 31
Felco business 41
Pls advise customer @ solar city - Roeser 21
Davis enterprises 7ave/ Indian school w 9
2225 whisper wind 84
2225 whisper wind 68
2225 whisper wind 47
Cable one 98 7
Cable one 16
Netflix New toilet install 26
Netflix New toilet install 16
Netflix New toilet install 66
Netflix New toilet install 40
Fwd: United Realty - Country Club report / Serafin 2
Orsett Baseline Freedom 13
Orsett Baseline Freedom 66
Orsett Baseline Freedom 9
Clear Call Solutions report 50
Optima 59
Solar city 96
Crew Floor Cleaning Hallway with burnishers
Floor Cleaning With Scrubber
Floor still wet post scrubbing
Floor sweeping on unfinished floor
Trash bag in place
Trash bag changed next to paper towel dispenser
Chrome Washbasins Cleaned
Chrome Urinals Sparkly Clean
Restroom Stall 1 and 2
Restroom stalls 3 and 4
Hallway vacuuming using commercial cleaning equipment
Debris Cleaned Up
Restroom with unique tile floor
A close up of restroom stall with unique floor to be cleaned
ceramic tile in restrooms vct stripped n waxed
stripped n waxed VCT brightens up any building
VCT stripped n waxed with lovely shine
Physical Therapy Studio Cleaning
Fire Extinguisher Cleanup
Emergency Fire Extinguisher Cleanup
Fire Extinguisher fell down and needed emergency cleanup
Polishing Floors followed up with a dust mopping
Polishing Floors followed up with a dust mopping 2
Modern Bathroom with stainless steel counters and concrete floors
Stainless Steel Sinks cleaned according to green clean
Pavers Need Cleaning
Paver Cleaning
trail of white spills
Pavers and Drain
Fixing the Clean Machine
Breaks fixed
grinding very bad . Changed out pads
slate stone hallway Cleaning
scrub and rinse the pavers
locker room slate floor cleaning
blue micro fiber mop heads
Scrub n recoat lobby nice shine
Scrub n recoat lobby and break room looks good
Banana Box Trash?
unable to disconnect computer had to work around to clean
carpet and floor cleaning
Putting away equipment
Professional floor cleaning in a restroom
Sport on carpet
Floor wax in the storage room
Dog waste bags
Strip and wax floor in an office
asking our customers if boxes are trash
Multi-tenant office cleaning report
Report leaks
Medical office cleaning
High dusting
Construction company left debris on the floors
Using a ladder to high dust
Move furniture to detail clean an office
mopping the corner
Dealing with alarms when cleaning
Notifying building supervisors when there is alarm issues when cleaning
Delivering keys to janitors
delivering supplies to a customer
Empty the trash as part of nightly cleaning
Sweeping a restrooms
Cleaning window blinds
Cleaning a break room in an office
Ordering supplies is part of a janitors responsibility
A custodian fills soap containers in an office
Cleaning a kitchen in an office
unsealed concrete floor cleaning
restroom floor grout cleaning
Cleaning a desk with microfiber
Upright vacuum used to clean carpet runners
Correctly stocking multi-fold towels
toilet running and in need of a pumas stone
Found restroom dusty, little soap
hardly any towels
Light Fixture
floor crew 2 is stripping and waxing
Here on site floor crew 2 is stripping me waxing half today and will finish other half tomorrow
All ceramic tile complete
VCT tile looks great and ceramic tile grout
VCT tile looks great and ceramic tile grout got hand scrubbed then scrubbed with side by side every looking great
Came to check on floor crew. VCT tile looks great
rooms,restrooms, kitchen,bar Floor Pick up cleaners equipment
Floor Pick up cleaners equipment
Brooms, mops and squeeges... oh my
Nice Looking Tile
Tile Looking good
ceramic tile cleaning
Wood flooring looks good
There was some gum that I had to remove
Also ceramic tile looks great.
Window cleaning car dealership
Water Fountain Cleaning
Paper towel dispenser cleaner and stocked
Dust found
Paper Towel Dispenser Still Working
Problem with baseboard
Problem with baseboard in main room
Brass floor plug covers
Office cleaned
cube cleaning
Setting an alarm
Cleaning an polishing a drinking fountain
Cleaning an office desk
Dusting a fire alarm sign
Cleaning window sills in an office
Burnish VCT floors in a bank
Staining the grout lines
Tile cleaning and color seal grout
Clean the grout lines
Access a reception office to do office cleaning
Cleaning an office area in a restaurant
Stocking extra toilet paper when cleaning a bathroom
Restroom after it is cleaned
Roll paper towels in a restroom
Roll paper towel installed in an break room
Work order from janitorial and office cleaning
Cleaning an office building - operations manager inspection
Using work orders to communicate issues when cleaning
Cleaning window sills
clean the microwaves when cleaning an office
Cleaning the corner of an office
Cleaning inspection of tile floors
Debris in the corner of the tile floor
Dirty toilet base
Clean toilet base
Floor crew manager reporting on carpet cleaning
Finishing the color seal process on the grout
Tile after cleaning and color seal
Carpet cleaning and extraction manager report
Dusting the tops of office cubicles
Dust on top of file cabinet
Removing calcium from a sink for office cleaning
Cleaners and janitors report doors unlocked
Mopping the floor 2 times
fixing a floor machine
side by side machine used
Cleaning tile floors at an office
Cleaning carpet at a facility
Bathroom floor cleaning - office
VCT Burnish
Cleaning carpets in a hallway
Wax tile floor in a recycle center
Bank Cleaning
Getting a shine a VCT floor
Wet look on tile floor
Wood floors need a special cleaning service
Cleaning at a yoga studio
Cleaning tile and grout
Full picture of a floor after it has been cleaned by a professional cleaning company
Floor crew taking a picture of a restroom
Floor cleaner in action
Cut the floor in half when doing floor work
Cleaning floors in a large break room
Janitors getting water
Scrubbing the VCT floor
Using one hand to scrub the floor
Crew of 3 janitors and floor techs
Pool Facility Cleaning
Cleaning customer moving out of their office
Move out cleaning
Cleaning crew preparing for a move out cleaning at an office
alarm issues
Door clearing
Light cleaning
Elevator track cleaning
Elevator wall cleaning
Break room cleaning
Restroom cleaning service
Wall cleaning project by office cleaners
cleaning special trays
Cleaning and organizing a conference room
Cleaning exterior patios
Cleaning chair bases in a medial office
Cleaning granite counters
Dental lab cleaning
Dental training office cleaning
Cleaning stations in medical training center
Sink cleaning in a dental office
Hotel check in cleaning
Inspection of an office - office cleaning
Hallway cleaning
Put chairs back after cleaning
Empty a room before you wax the floors
Cleaning floors in a vending area
Orange cleaning rags in a fitness center
Inspection in a high end resort
FOH Restaurant Inspection
BOH Restaurant inspection and question
Bar cleaning
Restaurant using walk off mats
Emergency restroom cleaning
Day porter retail parking lot
Reporting leaks
High dusting cleaning services
Detail cleaning in a bar
Wall cleaning services
Leaking sink
Construction cleaning
Removing and cleaning mirrors
Cleaning inspections in a hallway
vacuum under the mats
Cleaning chair with debris
Cleaning an office with cubes
Bank cleaning service in multi-tenant office
Reporting large boxes is part of janitor's job
Cleaning a restaurant that also has retail elements
Debris under appliance when cleaning a restaurant / bar
Cleaning a restroom
White tile shows dirt
Drain cleaning
VCT floors cleaned in an office
Close up of tile and grout cleaning
Stairwell cleaning
Toilet base inspection
color seal tile
Tile and lobby cleaning in a medical office
Cleaning up a restroom flood
Child care center
Cleaning exterior patio in a resort
conference room cleaning -
Cleaning a door - nightly janitoral
Cleaning inspection in a restroom
Cleaning and janitorial service in a break room
Break Room cleaning services
Kitchen cleaning in an office
Cleaning of the drinking fountains
Porter services
exterior landings
Cleaning a leather chair
Office after cleaning
Desk surface cleaning
Carpet debris
Restroom inspection
These are ways janitor's inspect a building
Flushing toilet
Medical VCT Floor work
Dusty ledges
Cleaning stairwell
Through janitorial inspection at a executive suite
security access when cleaning
Checking soap dispenser
Opening the door to do a cleaning inspection
Multi-fold dispenser
Reporting a urinal not working in a restroom
Drain cleaning service
FOH restaurant cleaning
Mopping tile floor in a restaurant
Hairs on a tile floor
Medical office cleaning services
medical janitorial services
Pharmacy cleaning services
Lobby in a medical building
Cleaning sinks in a medical office
Bank Cleaning Services
lobby bank cleaning
Bank restroom cleaning
Bank conference room cleaning service
Bank teller area cleaning
Office cleaning inspection services
Look behind desks to clean
Janitors must light switches
Window blind cleaning service
Break room cleaning service
Hair salon cleaning services - sink
Clean Salon equals Clean Hair and Happy Customers
Cleaning the chairs where they wash people's hair
Floor cleaning in a hair salon
Health and beauty salon professional cleaning service
Break room cleaning a hair cut studio
Great picture of a clean hair salon
Architect's studio cleaning service
Open office cleaning
Copy room cleaning service
Wipe off and clean desk surfaces
Desk cleaning service
Example of poor floor cleaning services
Dirty mop buckets
Cleaning a construction trailer
Streaky partitions
Poop on a restroom wall
Dirty stainless steel pole
Stocking multifold paper towels
Dusty rails construction cleaning
Using your fingers to do cleaning inspections
Key used for dispensers
Cleaning floors in a facility
corner of a floor that needs a strip and wax service
In the process of cleaning travertine
Using protection to insure we don't damage areas when cleaning travertine
Finished travertine cleaning
Cleaning travertine in an elevator
looking for things a building needs when cleaning
Cleaner vacuuming using upright
Inspection in a building after and before cleaning services
Reporting damage is part of a janitor job
Floor tech polishing restrooms
Deck scrubbing floors
Floor care on exterior concrete squares
Dirty water during the polishing process
Janitorial cleaning services
reporting issues when doing cleaning inspections
Delivering chemicals
dirty toilet base found during inspection
Dirt in corner of the floor
Restroom tile cleaning
Dirty grout in restroom
During a through janitorial cleaning inspection
Vacuum cleaning services
Cleaning conference facility
side by side pictures showing color seal grout on one side and not on the other
Process of color sealing the grout
Lobby floor cleaning service in a multi tenant building
Janitors report when they are not able to access a building
Out side side walks were also done with the side by side
High-dusting in construction area
Scissor Lift for high high dusting
Front Walkway Cleaned
Parking lot Cleaning inspection
Street Sweeper and Vac
examination rooms cleaning means safety first
calcium build up on sinks in examination rooms
Broken TP Dispensor
TP Dispenser Fixed
Paper Towel
Child care facility cleaning
Cleaning crew set the alarm
Locker room cleaning service
Pool facility cleaning service
Facility inspection in a room that it looks like they do yoga in
Toilet clogged in an office
Cleaning a couch
Active scrubbing a wall in a shower
Cleaning a gym
Cleaning a kitchen in a gym
Cleaning under equipment
Mopping a Yoga Studio
Cleaning vents
Medical dental lab cleaning - this is how dirty it is when we arrive
Clean sink in a dental lab
Training room cleaning service
Mezzanine cleaning service
Medical dental lab cleaning
Cleaning a sink in a medical facility
Patio cleaning service
Clean and mop restroom
Cleaning glass on wine racks in a restaurant
Glass partition cleaning
window and glass cleaning in a restaurant
Exterior glass cleaning
Window cleaning in a bar
Glass wall cleaning - Bar
HOA Property cleaning
Light fixture cleaning in HOA Pool Cabana
Patio cleaning services
Exterior maintenance in HOA Property
parking lot cleaning service
Grill cleaning services
BBQ Grill cleaning
Dental office cleaning
Ceiling cleaning services
Cleaning the trash cans in a medical office
Close up of a stainless TP dispensers
High dusting services
Using a ladder to clean light fixtures
Long duster and ladder to clean
Using a lift to do high dusting
Power washer
Shower floor cleaning service
Glass cleaning service
Fitness center cleaning
Dusting vents
Conference room cleaning in an office
Cleaning behind equipment
Arming and disarming and building when cleaning
Health club floor
Locker room cleaning in a pool gym
Stocking restrooms in a gym
Lobby cleaning in a health club
Vacant suite cleaning
Cleaning and janitorial service in a vacant office
Cleaning behind a bar
Cleaning the Front of the house in a restaurant
Bar cleaners
Cleaning restroom in restaurant
Color sealing grout in a medical facility
Completed color sealing
Tile cleaning service in an office
Mopping our way out after cleaning the tile
Tile cleaning in a restroom
Clean tile in a lobby
Cleaning tile floor in an office
Cleaning the edges of the tile and baseboards
Mopping up after floor work
Carpet cleaning in a medical office
Put the items back after we clean the carpets
Burnishing VCT floors in a medical clinic
Floor equipment repair notes
High dusting an office
Bathroom cleaning service
Brutte carts are important tools for janitors to transport trash without making spills
steam machine
Dental lab cleaning services
Medical training center cleaning service
Conference room cleaning and janitorial service
Break room janitorial services
Medical sink cleaning and janitorial service
Empty trash can
Spots on VCT in office before cleaning
Dirty baseboards
White towel test when cleaning floors
Restaurant cleaning, behind appliances
Restaurant cleaning services, Front of House
Porter services, notice oil stains
Close up of TP dispenser
Matte wax floor cleaning in an office
Cleaning concrete pavers in a front entrance to a building
Scrubbing pavers
Washing pavers after cleaning
Scrub floors in an office
Floor cleaning services
Hallway with VCT that is cleaned nightly
Restaurant cleaning services - using urinal mats
BOH kitchen floor cleaning janitorial service
Fixing floor equipment
Vacuum repair
Cleaning floors in an elevator - part of nightly janitorial service
Using precautions when cleaning
Action shot of scrubbing travertine floors
Floor crew wearing uniform
Refill the soap dispenser is part of the janitors job
Manager inspection report at a multi-tenat office building
Inspecting a glass partition after the janitors clean
Inspecting the handles on the doors when cleaning
Cleaning gum off the patio - part of our restaurant cleaning services
Bar cleaning - granite polish
Cleaning restaurant wine cabinet glass
Wine cabinets in a restaurant are cleaned once per week
Cleaning the handprints off a private dining room
Employee restroom in a restaurant
restaurant cleaning inspection notes
Cleaning slate floors in a pool / Gym
Reporting progress of travertine cleaning
Janitorial services on floors
action picture of floor scrubbing by professional floor tech
Cleaning elevator floors
managers inspect cleaning in a kitchen
Clean the stainless steel on the refrigerator 7 days per week
Stainless steel sink cleaning service
glass door cleaning services
Cleaning restroom floors
Stairwell janitorial cleaning service
Cleaning stairwells
Cleaning a door
Exterior cleaning of pavers part of our daily cleaning service
Cleaning the stainless steel in a restroom partition
We help spot maintenance issues for our customer when cleaning
Door jamb cleaning service in a facility
Cleaning pavers outside a restroom
Large break room cleaning service
Scrub exterior pavers with a side by side machine to remove grease stains
Graine floor janitorial and cleaning service
Close up pic of granite floor cleaning
Process of mopping granite floor
Granite floors in a lobby cleaned by our janitors
VCT in a break room
Cleaning a multi-tenant building with day porter and night janitors
Office cleaning inspection done by a night manager
Janitors have to deal with key issues all the time
Roll towel dispenser in an office
Running a floor burnisher
Restroom cleaning and janitorial services
Janitors and managers communicate with the office regarding cleaning work orders
Floor crew is mopping after they finished cleaning
VCT Looks shinny
Medical office cleaning and janitor services
Cleaning a medical office restroom and completing work orders
Meeting with the customer before cleaning the carpets
Wall cleaning service in a facility
Removing oil stains from pavers
Cleaning service in a HOA Condo Association
Cleaning the knick knacks on an office shelf
Industrial cleaning services
Using consume ecoylizer to address odors
medical office janitorial services
Bank cleaning janitorial service 3 days per week
Looking under desk when cleaning
Cleaning windows in a gym as part of a deep clean project
Looking inside a urinal when doing an inspection of our cleaning service
Cleaning an office
Law office cleaning service
Construction cleaning a law office
Real Estate cleaning services
Cleaning a medical office that has an exam table
Refrigerator cleaning services
Creating a schedule and checklist to ensure our cleaning is done on time
Brady softone toilet paper
Cleaning the deck of a pool in a gym - Our cleaning service
Checking the alarm to be set when cleaning an office
Setup safety lines so we can pull appliances when cleaning a commercial kitchen
Appliance cleaning in a restaurant
Items we find when cleaning commercial kitchen appliances
gas lines need repair when cleaning a kitchen
Reporting fryer lines that were not connected when cleaning
How to clean behind commercial appliances in a kitchen
Safety issues when cleaning commercial kitchen
installing connections to prevent pulling appliances out too far when cleaning
Finding maintenance issues when cleaning a restaurant
Clogged drains when cleaning restaurant floors
Cleaning floor drains in a kitchen
Reporting and stocking consumables in a restaurant
Finding mold when cleaning carpets in a restaurant
Carpet cleaning an a restaurant
Pre-spray carpets
low moisture carpet cleaning service
Medical office floor services
VCT floor strip and wax
glass partition cleaning in an office
Cleaned windows in a medical building
Cleaning floors an a small medical office
Cleaning edges of a floor in a medical building
Exterior window cleaning service - medical
Floor cleaning an a pediatric medical office
low moisture carpet cleaning services
cleaning the floors in a pediatric medical facility
Using the low moisture carpet cleaning machine
after cleaning the carpets
Mopping as part of the cleaning service
Carpet cleaning red carpet
Cleaning a special lobby floor that has small stones
resolving cleaning complaints is part of our job
Kitchen and break room cleaning services
Day porter cleaning and janitorial service
Repairing our janitorial fleet vehicles
Travertine floor polishing - action shot during the cleaning process
polishing paste applied to travertine
Cleaning up after ourselves - cleaning after cleaning
Large lobby cleaning
Spar cream used clean sinks
Removing calcium on quartz counters
Wet Dry vac motor - used in floor care
Installing new motor
Getting chemicals and equipment ready for cleaning tonight
Cleaning under cabinets
cleaning using professional equipment
Walking jobs after we are done to ensure the work is done correctly
Bank lobby cleaning service
strip and wax a very large break room
Scrubbing a floor
movie theatre janitorial and cleaning service
scrubbing the floors as part of our nightly cleaning service
Executive office inspection by a cleaning companion
Detail cleaning inspection and report on cleaning items corrected
Cleaning a construction office
restroom with glass and ceramic tile
Carpet cleaning in a travel agency
Floor polishing compound used in the cleaning of a recycle center Travertine
Bank commercial cleaning services
Break room cleaning at a dry cleaning facility
Picture of a large open floor that is very shinny
After we clean the floors we put the chairs and tables back in place
Calcium removed from quartz counters
Cleaning bugs out of light fixtures
removing scuff marks from doors at a tourist center
Full inspection in 150,000 sf. office building
Routine cleaning inspection at accounting office
soap dispenser filled on a marble counter
Active cleaning a door - these are the details that make an office sparkle
well organized janitorial closet
Bank cleaning service - we clean 3 days per week
Cleaning the lobby of a bank
Break room that is cleaned in a library
stocking multifold towels
Office cleaning using microfiber flat mops
When a manager inspects they look for issues in the restroom and with trash
Janitors clean the bottom of chairs of administration offices in a hospital
Cleaners report issues when they are cleaning so we can inform the customer
Commercial Office Cleaners report broken soap dispensers
Medical training center cleaning - this is like a class A resort
Filling the soap under the sink
Cleaning around auto-claves
Working together to insure our custodial customer are happy
polishing the granite in a restaurant
Restaurant cleaning services
construction cleaning services
Carpet cleaning services in an office
Cleaning the edges of a floors
Performing an inspection in a medical facility that is cleaned 7 days per week
Report from the manager of our floor crew when cleaning an office
Shinny Floors
Cleaner cleaning behind a desk in an office
Cleaning under a sink in a restroom
Cleaning checklist
Lobby cleaning
Vacuuming using a backpack vacuum
cleaning a large open office concept
Cleaning managers find issues before the customer does
Cleaning inside a toilet bowl
Cleaning a surgery center - clean room and terminal cleaning
Cleaning a hallway
If the scope calls for it, we will even put your dishes away when performing nightly cleaning
post event cleaning
Pool floor cleaning - this is a health club where they train people how to swim
Ground porter service
Picture of cleaning lobby floors that have travertine
Using plastic to protect pavers when cleaning
Cleaning under the bench
reporting and fixing maintenance issues that will effect your cleaning crews ability to do the job
It is helpful to have a runner in a cleaning company
Cleaning select areas three days per week
Using a dust mop on travetine floor
Checking doors and alarms is a very important task for the cleaning company
Cleaner performing high dusting
Floors that are cleaned in an insurance agency
Health and fitness center cleaning service
High dusting black pipes
Health club cleaning - clean under equipment
This is a great report from a great day porter
Cleaning floor drains -
Cleaning windows at a restaurant one time per week
Cleaning the glass on a wine cellar
We have executives inspect restaurants that we clean to identify areas we need to improve
Carpet cleaning in a restaurant is done nightly
Stainless steel restroom partition cleaning
Finding and cleaning dust on office equipment
Reporting on office cleaning duties from a janitor
Inside a trash can - a janitors view
Tying a trash bag to take it to the trash
Cleaning inside a medical clinic
Reception desk cleaning
Carpet cleaning hallways as part of a rotational cleaning program
Removing white stains from a carpet
Scrubbing a restrooms is done quarterly
Close up of side by side machine used to scrub restroom floors
Cleaning inside a fire estinguisher holder in an office
Cool picture of a restroom after it is cleaned - Sent by a manager after an inspection of a 180,000 SF builidng
Dusting on top of office cubicles
Cleaning out light fixtures
Using a ladder to clean higher areas
High dusting light fixtures
Medical training center cleaning services - full inspection report
Stethoscope cleaned as part of our medical cleaning
Inspecting floor cleaning project
Shower cleaning janitorial service
Strip and wax janitorial services
After picture of a strip and wax in a restroom
using time sheets to track chemical usage
Mopping and removing scuffs from a mail room floor
Cleaning grout lines behind the toilet
Mixing chemicals is part of the nightly cleaning process
Cleaning hard water stains from the office drinking fountains
Medical office cleaning and janitorial service - IV dispensing room
Using work order systems to dispatch information to the janitors
Using matte wax in a hallway when cleaning
Ordering cleaning equipment
Cleaning door jambs
Cleaning a break room counter behind appliances
Pointing out areas that need to be cleaned
Refrigerator cleaning service
Cleaning wall scones when we clean offices
Mirror cleaning janitorial service
Taking the burnisher to clean a grocery store
Identifying areas to clean for the next day we clean
Day porter picking up a parking lot
Cleaning rubber floors in a gym using Profi
Kitchen sink before we clean
Hallway strip and wax
Industrial door cleaning service
Stains in a mailroom floors
documenting cleaning change orders
Looking into an empty suite after we cleaned it
Computer monitor cleaning service
Reporting issues with access is part of a janitors job
Inspecting 5 suites per day in a multi tenant office building that we clean
Large conference room cleaning service
Trying to clean a desk takes time when a desk is not cleared
Empty trash container
Cleaning on top of a mini fridge
Cleaning mirrors in an office using gloves
Mirror cleaning office
Center pull paper towel dispenser as part of an office inspection
Actively cleaning a toilet bowl
Carpet stains under a desk
Using a flat mop to clean VCT floors
White towel test on VCT Floors
Cleaner wearing a smock while cleaning a glass partition
Cleaning a medical facility that services children
Reporting maintenance issues outside is part of a janitor's job
Cleaning a construction office 2 days per week
Chair cleaning janitor service
Janitor closet
Cleaning a red floor that is polished as part of office cleaning
Cleaning bathroom countertops in an office
Cleaning an office table as part of our nightly janitorial service
Amphitheater cleaning service and inspection by a janitorial supervisor
Janitor Day porter stocking coffee station
Cleaning a bowling alley 7 days per week
Cleaning wood floors nightly
Cleaning stainless steel partitions in a restroom
Stainless steel cleaning - you know it is clean when you can see the reflection
Day porters work with night crew to ensure a building well maintained
Our cleaning executives perform detailed inspections of their buildings
cleaning the stainless steel kick plates on a door
stocking toilet tissue
sometimes a cleaner will break something - it is best to report it right away
Construction cleaning in a residential home
Removing drywall as part of construction cleaning
marking items to remove when doing a rough construction cleaning
Final construction cleaning
BBQ Grill cleaning service
Cleaning light fixtures
Cleaning and arranging pool furniture
Resort cleaning services by the pool
Tile floor cleaning service
Before we start cleaning an account we do an inspection of the toilet
Before we start cleaning your building we inspect the floors
Ordering supplies is part of a janitors job duties
30x37 can liners
Pebble floor cleaning in an office complex
Cleaning a training room
Cleaning an elevator and lobby - using plastic to protect floors
Travertine floor cleaning service
Polish elevator tracks
High shine on elevator floors
Cleaning the restroom tile floor as part of office cleaning services
Break room janitorial service
Sweeping the floor
Mopping a dirty VCT Floor
Delivering consumables as part of our janitorial service
Finding and correcting issues - signs of a great janitorial company
Stocking multi fold towel dispensers
Keyboard cleaning can be part of our office cleaning service if it is part of the scope of work
Medical cleaning - reception desk
Cleaning a medical records room requires HIPPA compliance
Medical cleaning - clean medical and non medical areas alike
Looking very closely at a sink to clean it
Cleaning an office that has a bunch of cubes and VCT Floors
Training center cleaning service
Leaving extra paper towel rolls
Training room cleaning and janitor service
Cleaning a physical therapy office 3 days per week
Cleaning a physical therapy building
Grocery store cleaning and janitorial services
Cleaning floors at whole foods
Nightly cleaning at whole foods market
Janitorial service at grocery stores 3 days per week
Servicing a grocery store - cleaning nightly
Shinny floors in a grocery store
Cleaning hallways in a grocery store
Cleaning the aisles in a grocery store
Cleaner reporting issues when cleaning a restaurant
Physical therapy office cleaning
PT office cleaning service
Cleaning under Physical therapy equipment
office cleaning services - local
auto dealer cleaning services
auto dealership janitorial
Delivery bay cleaning service
Cleaning the financial service area in an auto dealer
Auto dealer child play area cleaning
Auto dealer break room cleaning service
Local Church cleaning and janitorial services
Cleaning at a church
Dusting at a church
Mopping floors in the church
Cleaning a church lobby
Cleaning off the benches at a church
Dusting the pews at a church
Church post event cleanup
Church janitorial service in your area
Cleaning the church alter area
Traditional office cleaning services - picture of a clean office
Report maintenance concerns immediately to the facility manager when cleaning
Bank cleaning service - lobby cleaning
customer area of the bank cleaned 3 days per week
Reporting after we finished cleaning a vacant office
Urinal and restroom cleaning service - inspecting the work of the janitor
Look for food left in a trash can after cleaning
PT or Physical therapy office cleaning
Cleaning a physical therapy office
Look behind desks areas when doing a cleaning inspection
Restroom cleaning service - vents
Child care cleaning - floors
Child care cleaning - nightly janitorial service
Child care cleaning in a class room
Bowling alley cleaning service - also has a restaurant, bar, cleaned 7x per week
Finding debris when doing a final inspection at a restaurant
front of the house cleaning service
Floor cleaning in a medical facility
scrub floors in a medical lab
Cleaning a golf club - inspection of locker room
Restaurant cleaning and janitorial service
cleaning the front of floors in a restaurant
front door cleaning in a restaurant
Dining room cleaning service
back of the house restaurant cleaning service
restroom cleaning in a restaurant
checking the janitorial fleet vehicles to insure we are able to clean
fixing janitorial equipment - wet dry vac
Cleaning a grocery store using auto-scrubber
This is the type of stuff we look for when doing cleaning inspections
cleaning carpets in an office
using cleaning logs to track the cleaning progress
warehouse cleaning services
floor crew cleaning - found building unarmed
removing yellow rings on the toilet is part of a deep cleaning process
cleaning a large church - nightly janitorial
Carpet cleaning low pile carpet in an office
floor cleaning janitorial services in a break room
stocking paper towels is part of nightly janitorial services
Fully clean and disinfected restroom
Hallways clean and sanitized!
Ready for patient use!!
Ready, Set, Cleaned!!
Bar sinks
Sparkle Counter tops
Desks look good underneath
Finger Prints Removed and looking good!
Project DEMO of tile work
Sweeping up after Demo Work
Removing of carpet
Crews hard at work scrubbing and polishing tile work
Sparkling Clean Windows!
That's a clean door
Glass door inspection
A clean elevator track
Refrigerators cleaned inside and out
Exterior Refrigerator Cleaned Inside/Outside
dusting, mopping
refrigerator cleaning
Strip and Wax Project
Emptied Garbage
Special Request Honored
Woods floors cleaned with neutral cleaner
Bio hazard cleanup
day spa
beauty salon
toilet cleaning
wall marks
lobby clean
commercial carpet
professional carpet cleaning, vacuums
Lobby Floor Cleanup
commercial carpet cleaning
Truck Mounted Carpet Extraction
Truck Mounted Carpet Extraction Part II
meeting room
Stocking toilet paper as part of our daily cleaning
Day porter cleaning services have us picking up exterior trash
Cleaning an Art studio
Strip and wax to remove rust from the tile
Travertine and hard surface floor cleaning
This travertine floor cleaning during the cleaning process -
Floor tech crew wiping off furniture
Lite acid wash and low speed polished floor
Washed and polished floor
Floor techs polishing floor
Floor tech polishing the floor, strip and wax
Spill cleanup on commercial carpet
Carpet vacuumed