Bombardier 91

5. Antonio doesn

5. Antonio doesn't have a uniform. Do you know when this is coming in? 6. Andre and Alexis's both said their pants are way small. Both had about 3 inches to pull in to even be able to button. I don't know what that means in pant sizes. They said they ordered the size they always wear and they were small for both of them. 7. OMG! The crew looks outstanding in these uniforms. So professional. 8. I purchased a squeegee that has a wider rubber lip and allows for more curvature for round glass. We were having challenges on the glass on the front and rear of the trains and needed to find a simpler/faster way to do it. This squeegee is made for RVs and has a 9 foot extension pole. They liked it. 9. When they have the train system shutdown they bring in 2 trains at a time tandem to each other and our 50 foot hose won't reach both ends. We had to borrow an inside hose and move it for tonight. Victor will bring 100 foot hose tomorrow. 10. Can you please put on the calendar a schedule for once per month cleaning of the inside of the refrigerator in the break room? This would be something that would be a reminder that we would email the client and ask when they can have emptied and then make sure the crew knows to do it on that day. Probably best on 2nd shift. 11. I can't find any folded paper towels for the restroom dispenser. Do the girls know they need to report this? The men's restroom is completely out. I need some delivered tomorrow morning. They are the Z folds. I also don't see any boxes of tissue paper. I don't need a time of those I don't see any. You please explain to the ladies that they need to report shortage? Also, the women's dispenser was really full and they left the men's empty. I went and looked everywhere and found two packs in the break room. I put one pack in the men's locker room and stole some from the women's to fill it up further. The girls need to try and think outside the box. I know that's asking for a lot but wanted to share with you anyway. 12. The girls are leaving extra rolls of toilet paper all over the place. Let them know that they have to carry them on the cart. I pick them all up and put them where they belong in storage. 13. The tops and fronts of the lockers in the restrooms need attention soon. There specially dirty in the men's restroom. 14. Can you train the girls on calling the office if they need anything? I'm not sure Guadalupe would have communicated the locker room metal partitions if I hadn't been here. And she knew the paper towels were out but yet nobody communicated that they were short. 15. We had a tough time with the trains today. We don't know if it was a change in soap, amount of soap or the wind. I'll be here tomorrow to trouble shoot. We were only able to clean 2 trains so there wasn't an opportunity to adjust and assess. Best Regards, 2524 North 24th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008 Visit us at oranje.usJENNY GIBSON o 480 725 9715 c 480 489 6016 f 480 247 5174 refreshingly simple

Author: Jenny Gibson