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If you are looking for a cleaning company with the right cleaners, equipment and supplies to keep your Baton Rouge facility maintained or an entire Baton Rouge office clean then look no further than the commercial office maintenance company that services more buildings in Baton Rouge than any other commercial cleaners. Our professional office cleaners are based in Baton Rouge and trained to provide the highest level of sanitation for your business.

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Part of our philosophical approach to the way we do business is to look at office cleaning in a holistic manner. This means that cleaning offices is much more than just surface cleaning. It's also about the overall health of the Baton Rouge building and the people who work inside of it. This simply means that if you are using cleaning services for your office which merely clean at the expense of leaving harmful chemical residues or volatile organic compounds, you are defeating one of the main reasons for washing in the first place which is providing a sanitary environment for which employees and visitors can conduct business.

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Office cleaning should not be simply looked at as an expense each month. It should be approached as something which actively improves your organization's performance. At Baton Rouge Commercial Janitorial we can develop an approach to your needs that can be tailored to be as least expensive as possible. Perhaps your requirements are simple weekly vacuuming and trash removal in the Baton Rouge metro area , or they may be more complex, like a day porter service which is on site to clean on demand. The way we see it, there is no one size fits all approach to office cleaning, each situation is different, so contact us to talk about how we can help you find a service plan that fits your needs.

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Baton Rouge Commercial Janitorial is a pioneer in office cleaning training. This does not mean each office is cleaned in robotic manner. We will create custom office cleaning services to meet your particular requirements. If there are security requirements that vary from each particular case such as the financial or medical fields (HIPAA), we can put together a plan that creates assurances to your staff and also comply with State, Federal or local laws. Other environment such as daycare, schools, hospitals or nursing homes may require different security protocols all together.

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As an organization based in Baton Rouge we seek to surround ourselves with individuals that have a passion for what they do. Sometimes in the office maintenance industry that can be hard to do, given the nature of the low cost wage scales that many Baton Rouge office cleaning companies pay. We however always seek to attract the best professionals possible in Baton Rouge by paying a living wage, and providing benefits to our staff which others do not. This is why we have some of the lowest turnover rates in the office cleaning industry and why the majority of our employees stay with us for a long time. In other words, you are going to find that compared to others, Baton Rouge Commercial Janitorial staff is going to come to work motivated, with high morale and the professionalism that others lack.

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