Floor Cleaning Services in the Atlanta Area

Atlanta Floor Cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning, Wood Floor Refinishing, Marble Floor Polishing throughout the Atlanta Region

In Atlanta, we have a speciality division to service all types of flooring from VCT, vinyl, wood, ceramic tile, concrete, etc. From Bartow to Spalding and from Hall to Carroll, we can service all of your flooring needs.we have cleaning offices in Downtown Atlanta, Midtown Atlanta or Buckhead. We also provide Floor care services to outlying cities of Fulton county and Dekalb county.

Whether you need floor care in Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, BlazeSports America, Hope Atlanta, National Monuments Foundation,Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region II. Our business will serve and we are successful company.

Commercial Janitorial offers a variety of floor cleaning services for the Atlanta metro area based businesses, depending on the type of floor and texture of the floor to be cleaned. Cleaning tile floors usually need to be professionally stripped and thoroughly rinsed. Tile floor cleaning is followed-up with a floor sealer, and a top quality floor finish. After the clean floor is thoroughly dried, the floor is buffed to a high gloss shine. Wood floor cleaning usually entails a cool mopping of the floor followed by a paste waxing of the floor and high-speed buffing of the floor if necessary. Pre-sanding wood floors may be needed prior to floor cleaning. Marble floor cleaning starts with a floor scrubbing and is followed by a special floor waxing and floor buffing.

Our Atlanta located and trained staff at Commercial Janitorial will meet with you to discuss what the floor cleaning process entails and the expected results of the floor cleaning. Like all of Commercial Janitorial services, we strive to provide the best quality floor cleaning at the lowest cost. This does not mean cheap floor cleaning, or cut rate floor cleaning, and our every day floor cleaning is "discounted floor cleaning". What it means is your will get the highest quality floor cleaning and inexpensive floor cleaning prices in the Atlanta market.

Atlanta Office Floor Cleaning

Our office cleaning experts can help keep your office floors clean and looking like brand new floors. Clean flooring is an investment in your office health and productivity providing your workspace with a comfortable, inviting look and feel.

Retail Floor Cleaning in the Atlanta Region

You want your customers to notice your merchandise, not the sorry condition of your floors. Allow your clean floors to make a great first impression by using Commercial Janitorial's staff to clean, polish, refinish or shine your floors. We can accommodate your Atlanta retail business' schedule to clean floors at times when normal business hours are closed.

Atlanta Area Institutional Floor Cleaning

Atlanta Government and private institutions such as schools, prisons, jails, churches, post offices, government offices and hospitals all normally have one thing in common, lots of hard floors. These floors last along time, but to make them last requires periodic floor maintenance. Commercial Janitorial can provide any institution with clean, shiny, good looking floors by using our team of skilled floor cleaners.

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