Government Facility Cleaning in the Atlanta Metro Area

Atlanta Government Cleaning

Atlanta Area Government Office, Courthouse, and Legislative Buildings

As the state capital, Atlanta is the site of most of Georgias state government. Our Government Facility Cleaning service in The Georgia State Capitol building, located downtown, houses the offices of the governor. The Governors Mansion is located in a residential section of Buckhead. Atlanta serves as the regional hub for many arms of the federal bureaucracy, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Atlanta also plays an important role in federal judiciary system, containing the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

Commercial Janitorial Service understands the special needs of government facilities, high standards ensure an enhanced corporate image and a healthy environment for both customers and employees. We are concerned with your security as well as providing the highest level of comfort for your government facility.

Atlanta area Government buildings which Commercial Janitorial provides cleaning services to requires adherence to specialized Atlanta region specific security policies.

Green Cleaning in Atlanta Region Government Buildings

When cleaning your educational facility Commercial Janitorial will pay special attention to infection control, sanitizing the surfaces such as light switches, desks, and door handles. If you need a complete janitorial service - we can include tag work such as carpet extraction, strip and wax, burnishing, and tile and grout cleaning. If high degree of cleanliness must be maintained in order to pass OSHA inspections, our educational cleaning staff will clean to a level that passes any regulation or legal requirement. Commercial Janitorial's green cleaning will improve the health of your teachers, administrators, and students. Green cleaning will minimize exposure to harsh aggressive cleaners and VOC emissions leading to a cleaner, healthier atmosphere will assist in performance of learning

Atlanta Regional Government Building Cleaning

Government offices and agencies located in the Atlanta are, rely on Commercial Janitorial facilities maintenance services and cleaning to bring order to their public buildings and grounds. We have provided Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services to government customers, including many local Atlanta region municipal, state, and federal agencies including court, legislatures, jails, prisons, and administrative offices.

Atlanta's Regional Secure Government Cleaning Leader

To meet the particular facilities maintenance requirements of working with government, we require staff to meet background, drug, and E-Verify testing necessary to ensure security by cleaning staff. Our commitment to strategic management processes unique to cleaning operations, predictive and preventive maintenance, combined with capital planning and asset management partnerships, gives our government customers confidence we can manage the long-term vision as well as the day-to-day details of integrated facilities services.

Atlanta Site Specific Cleaning

The Atlanta Regional Municipal, County and State Government institutions are, distinctive environments that require their own unique set of janitorial, cleaning and maintenance standards. That is why all Commercial Janitorial cleaning personnel and their employees receive training on the specific needs of government institutions we maintain. Commercial Janitorial is the leader in the commercial cleaning industry delivers unrivaled cleaning services to these government institutions, whether it’s a courthouse, city hall or county office building.

Metropolitan Atlanta's Government Cleaning Services

When you have Commercial Janitorial as your outsourced cleaning provider, you receive:

  • A clean and safe government building in Metro Atlanta , cleaned from the inside out
  • Dedicated and experienced Atlanta Based cleaning support to handle any cleaning or janitorial challenge
  • 24-hour cleaning operations support and measured inspections
  • A Commercial Cleaning Service to Match Any Atlanta Region Government Building’s Needs

Low Cost Cleaning Services in the Atlanta Area

Commercial Janitorial aims to provide the most cost effective cleaning service. This does not just mean the cheapest cleaning service in the Atlanta Metro Region, or the lowest priced cleaning service because Commercial Janitorial offers more than just competitive pricing. We provide your business with a sense of security and trust in our ability to clean your facility. We provide a comprehensive insurance policy and dishonesty bond, and value extensive background checks based on State, County and Cities' in the Metro Atlanta Area Legal Requirement.

Typical Cleaning Services for Government Buildings in the Atlanta Region

  • Carpet cleaning for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as courthouses in the Atlanta Region
  • Hard floor care for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as capitol buildings in the Atlanta Region
  • Window washing for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as administrative offices in the Atlanta Region
  • Office Cleaning for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as jails and prisons in the Atlanta Region
  • Restroom cleaning for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as parks and rec in the Atlanta Region
  • Trash collection for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as waste treatment plants in the Atlanta Region
  • Grounds cleaning for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as water treatment plants in the Atlanta Region
  • Common area cleaning for Government Offices and Public Facilities such as legislative offices in the Atlanta Region
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