Emergency Cleaning in the Atlanta Region

Emergency Cleaning

Atlanta Area Emergency Cleaning

Atlanta gets the best in Emergency service. We know that sometimes emergencies may occur from educational institutions, hospitals, sports facilities, shopping mall to parking facilities in and around Atlanta. This is the reason we included emergency service in our commercial janitorial service.

Emergency Cleaning may occur in following places likeAtlanta Exposition Centers, Atlanta Festival Ballet, Atlanta Symphony Hall, Centennial Olympic Park, Chick-fil-A Bowl Childrens Christmas Parade, Donna and Marvin Schwartz Center for Performing Arts Dragon Con, Georgia Aquarium,and Georgia International Convention Center. Contact our team member any time day or night and we will help resolve the issue. Our qualified and professional technician team will make you feel a peace of mind as they thoroughly assess the damage, dry and dehumidify the space and then perform other restoration services to make your home or business look and smell like new.

Do you have a situation that requires emergency cleaning in the area around the Atlanta metro region? Do you need a company that can provide cleaning employees quickly to your building. We can provide one time emergency cleaning in these situations.

Atlanta Flood Cleaning

After a flood it is important to move quickly to replace flood damaged items, which is why you want to call the Atlanta post flood clean-up experts for all of your Atlanta emergency cleaning needs.

Atlanta Fire Cleaning

Post fire clean up for you Atlanta property will require dealing with possibilities of smoke damage, water damage and lots of debris. Call us to help in your post fire clean up anywhere in Atlanta.

Atlanta Wind Cleanup

Trees, flying debris or just a whole lot of dirt, can be a real headache after a storm with high winds. Count on Commercial Janitorial's Atlanta emergency cleaning services to help cleanup.


Sadly, a business has to have a plan on how to clean up after a burglary. After the police have closed the crime scene, its time for our Atlanta cleaning staff to move in.


We can help repaint walls, fix glass and remove debris from your Atlanta property after an act of vandalism.

Major Crimes

Hopefuly a major crime never occurs on your Atlanta property but if it does, contact us to help in the rebuilding process.

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