Western North Carolina Office Cleaning Services

Western North Carolina Office Cleaning

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When you use Western North Carolina Commercial Janitorial for your Western North Carolina office cleaning, building maintenance, carpet cleaning or window washing needs you can rest assure that the office cleaning professionals that will clean your office buildings will be trained and selected for their professionalism and dedication to meeting the needs of your Western North Carolina offices.

Cost Effective Office Cleaning Services

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Insurance and bonding minimums of ($4,000,000 and $100,000) are a must for any professional janitorial company we invite you to verify that your office cleaning contract includes these requirements. Every crew must be trained to operate in very secure environments including your internal regulations and respect for Western North Carolina regulations and the laws of Western North Carolina concerning retail facilities, banking offices, and medical buildings (HIPAA). Cleaning crews are required to follow all legal regulations regarding employment eligibility before cleaning your office.

Green Office Cleaning Services


Depending on your office hours at your Western North Carolina location, we can schedule office cleaning to be least disruptive to the operation of your facility. If your office is opened during regular Western North Carolina business hours we can schedule our Western North Carolina based cleaning staff to be available after hours. If your Western North Carolina office is open 24 hours we can schedule office cleaning to be as unobtrusive as possible. If you Western North Carolina based facility has noise concerns during certain times we can schedule cleaning during set hours or even perform louder tasks like office vacuuming during non quiet hours. And of course if your office security requirements require office cleaning to be supervised during key hours our flexible office cleaning scheduling can accommodate those cleaning needs.

Reliable and Secure Office Cleaning

Western North Carolina, like many big cities has it's share of crime. Western North Carolina is also filled with alot of good people, as a company its our job to make sure we find the right fit for the job so that your property is maintained and clean. We cary insurance ($4M) and Bonding ($100k) for your peace of mind, as well.

Specialized Office Cleaning Services


Your Western North Carolina office will be cleaned more effectively by using cutting edge cleaning technologies such as Green Seal chemicals and micro-fiber mopping/dusting systems. Our goal is to not only make your office look clean, but to get to work and make it clean.

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